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Purpura Nephritis
  • Dietary principles for Purpura Nephritis

    Update Time:2017-03-12 09:16:15 Click Rate:123

    For patients with purpura nephritis, managing a well-planned diet is very important. In the course of Purpura Nephritis, patients need to have enough rest and pay attention to keep balance of water and electrolytes....[readmore]

  • What are the treatment for purpura nephritis

    Update Time:2017-03-12 09:15:32 Click Rate:160

    In order to avoid the relapse of purpura nephritis, patients need to take care of preventing upper respiratory infection and remove chronic infection lesions. Look for potential allergens and avoid touching it again....[readmore]

  • What are the clinical symptoms?

    Update Time:2017-03-12 09:15:12 Click Rate:57

    It is the first and main clinical symptom which usually occurs in the distal limbs, hips and lower abdomen. ...[readmore]

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